I’m missing you a lot right now… on We Heart It.

I think of you :) <3

When people I meet are shocked that I’ve learned how to balance my ldr and school life

"I miss the days that I woke up, got out of bed, got in my car and drove to your house just to get back in bed with you. I miss the fire underneath the sheets whether it was 2 o’clock in the morning, or hours after the sun had been up. I miss waiting to hear your steady breathing because that meant you were finally at temporary peace. I miss you fingers intertwined in my hair and your lips on my shoulder. I miss the drunk nights and the confessions. I miss your laugh every time I said something stupid and your gaze every time i said something that made you think. I miss the night of my first trip when your hands felt like love and your every atom was in sync with mine. I miss every argument that left me in tears but led me back to your arms that same night. I miss the moments I would catch you looking at me and i miss hoping there were more like that. I miss the Sunday morning that I realized I loved you and the night that you told me you did. I miss the first kiss on the sidewalk and the last one on your doorstep. I miss all the times you kept me up all night with pleasure and with love. I miss all the “firsts” I had with you and all the moments I’ll never forget. I miss the mornings, the afternoons, and the late nights. The good, the bad, the unforgettable and everything in between."
I love you. (via iridescentloss)

When anyone tries to talk to me when it is obvious my SO and I fighting